Samphire Hoe is a nature reserve close to Dover, made from material once left on the site from the Channel Tunnel excavations and now, a place for wildlife.

Chalk Mall was landscaped and sown with wildflowers and grass, and very soon after, vegetation arrived from the surrounding countryside including rare Orchids.

Birds are attracted to the vegetation as are the smaller creatures; grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies and damselflies. Rock Samphire grows here too and the pathways for walks are designed to respect the environment and allow you to take in the breath-taking landscape of Shakespeare’s Cliff.

Gary Winters and Claire Hind will be offering Dream Channels, 4 performance walks at Samphire Hoe, respecting the site’s environmental history whilst connecting to stories on Channel crossings, dreams and Gloucester’s journey toward Dover in King Lear.

Walking performances take place on Sunday 22nd March.

Performance times:

The performances last approx. 40 minutes. This is a free event and you can simply turn up on the day.

Fairest, What do you Dream of?

Gary and Claire have also installed a dream collection station in the visitors centre at Samphire Hoe, it is in operation now until the live event in March.

We hope to see you there!

Gary and Claire